Make culture a part of everyday conversations

Use RoMo to identify role models in your organization and shape the company culture

RoMo stands for Role Models

RoMo is an app that integrates into your company’s favorite tools for communication and collaboration, like Slack and Microsoft Teams, and simplifies employee recognition.

Simplicity and focus are at the core of RoMo. It seamlessly embeds into the day at work of your people.

It takes literally 5 seconds of employee’s time to recognize and reward the best in their teams.


Add RoMo Teams
application to your team


Install RoMo chatbot application in your workspace

At the same time, HR and People teams get valuable insights on the state of company values in various teams around the organization.

Here’s a 2-minute video that shows you how to install, use, and benefit from RoMo:


Easy Employee Recognition

It takes 5 seconds for employees to vote for coworkers that really live your company values and are on the path to become true Role Models.

Simple Integration

RoMo integrates into your favorite platform for communication, such as Slack and Teams, and easily becomes a part of everyday routine for all your teams.

Deep Culture Insights

People & Culture teams get rich insights into the state of company values and culture, how they progress over time, and who are the emerging role models.

Test RoMo completely risk-free

Pick the pilot group

Select users that you want to test RoMo with.

Have your company culture values document handy to create the initial setup.

  • No credit card required
  • 30 days free trial (all features available)

Set up RoMo

Set your company culture values, activate the selected users, and set up reminders.

You can also start using tags to gain deeper insights into the voting results.

RoMo Principles

Positive feedback

Positive feedback and recognition are the most important (yet frequently overlooked) building blocks in shaping company culture.

By embedding a simple flow into their daily communication tool, RoMo makes being disciplined and consistent look easy, and keeps employees engaged through nudges, gamification of progress and achievements.

Deep insights

The easier for the users it is, the more rich insights the culture transformation team gets, and this creates positive momentum across the whole organization.

RoMo provides rich analytics with the opportunity to slice the data across different teams or profiles and reveals the culture role models of the company culture values. With that, you can scale the best practices and fast-track the culture transformation.

Inclusion booster

RoMo is built on what we’ve learned through research, personal experience and user testing. We can help you change behaviors and improve engagement.

RoMo strengthens:

  • clarity on expected and desirable behaviors
  • potential for being seen and recognized, regardless of position, gender, seniority, location, race…
  • feeling of belonging and commitment to the team

Let's talk about what RoMo can do for your business.

Together with our people expert you can create a business journey for your company culture improvements.