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Frequently asked pricing questions

How does RoMo integrate with Slack and Teams?

RoMo seamlessly integrates with both Slack and Microsoft Teams, allowing for easy setup and use within your existing communication platforms.

What kind of insights does RoMo provide?

RoMo provides detailed analytics on employee recognition, cultural alignment, and engagement trends, helping you measure and improve your company culture.

Is the free plan really free forever?

Yes, our free plan includes unlimited users and all features at no cost, forever.

Can I customize the reminders and nudges?

Yes, RoMo allows you to customize the frequency to fit your team’s needs.

What if I need more than 10 votes per month?

You can explore our other plans for higher voting limits and additional features.

How do I get started with RoMo?

Simply sign up, install it on your Slack or Teams, and start recognizing your team members immediately.