How does it work?

RoMo keeps the employee experience as smooth as possible, to maximize engagement.

With our powerful tagging and analytics system, the culture team will be able to see the state of culture values in each team, how ever you might want to define that, or a function, a cohort, a tribe…

You can use leaderboards and trendboards to develop interesting competitions that will boost your company's culture transformation, and in the direction you wanted it to go.

Easy recognition

Enable easy and quick voting

You can use RoMo to send playful reminders (or nudges, as we call them) that will get people inspired to reflect about their coworkers’ behavior and appreciate them. And voting is just one click away, taking no more than a few seconds out of their busy day. 

Send flexible reminders

Set your own rhythm

RoMo admins can adjust the frequency of nudges (there’s 20+ different copies, to keep it interesting) sent to people, allowing you to be sensitive to people’s workloads and different periods in the life of your company.

Identify emerging Role Models

Who is getting recognized?

With RoMo you get leaderboards for each culture value you’ve defined, and also trendboards, where you can see whose ranking has improved the most compared to the previous month.

Gamify the change

A bit of healthy competition

Use public leaderboards and trendboards to give clear recognition to the role models, on their overall progress or for each of the company values you’ve set up in RoMo.

Get deep insights

Comparisons across departments, teams, functions, seniority levels, geographical locations...

Get a detailed view of all the voting and see whether the culture transformation is moving in the right direction and how each of the company values is being embraced by employees and teams.

Test RoMo completely risk-free

Pick the pilot group

Select users that you want to test RoMo with.

Have your company culture values document handy to create the initial setup.

  • No credit card required
  • 30 days free trial (all features available)

Set up RoMo

Set your company culture values, activate the selected users, and set up reminders.

You can also start using tags to gain deeper insights into the voting results.

Let's talk about what RoMo can do for your business.

Together with our people expert you can create a business journey for your company culture improvements.