Don’t quit your job and go off grid without trying this first: How to change your own mindset

Written by Vladimir Tosic

Corporate and Startup Leader. Culture builder. Marketer and product designer.

October 28, 2023

Growth   |   Mindset   |   Motivation

Image by: Samuel Ahounou from Pixabay

Down went Alice into an internet rabbit hole, never wondering how she would come out. In the darkness of the online world lives a host of new antiwork trends. Some are shown through memes about leaving the office and starting a beach bar and there are thousands of people on Reddit posting about leaving the grind and living the life off the grid. The reality is that while daydreaming is understandable, selling everything and starting an organic dairy farm won’t solve your problems, it will just create a different sort of issues to deal with. Whether you want to build a cabin in the woods or climb the corporate ladder the first thing you need to solve is your mindset.

So, what can you do to get your mojo running?


Make a job decision. And stick with it.

So, you finally did it. You moved to the countryside. No more spreadsheets or traffic jams for you. Sure, but now you have a leaky roof, a cow with a problematic hoof, and a local store that doesn’t carry your favorite snack. Here’s the thing. You can be successful in every endeavor you set your mind to, but first, you need to make a decision. Do you want to switch departments? Do you want to chase that promotion? Do you need a different career opportunity? Do you want to sell your car and become a traveling bard? The first step to gaining momentum is deciding what you want to do with it.  


Let it out

Feeling stuck or unmotivated? Maybe it is you. If you feel unvalued, or you lack growth, or you just hate that Jim got the promotion before you – that’s resentment festering in the place in your heart where your work motivation used to be. Don’t be silent. Managers are there to manage. Approach them with a constructive complaint and try to make things work. It just might be a change you need to start a new fulfilling chapter in your career journey.


Don’t let go of the wheel

 We spend so many days and hours time at work that it’s no surprise that some of them will be downright hideous. Think of something you enjoy like playing football or making pancakes. No matter how much you like doing something there will be days when you just don’t feel like it. The same goes for work. This is why it’s so important to remain disciplined. Discipline will teach you the beauty and value of delaying gratification. By teaching yourself that the grind will be worth it in the end you are saving yourself from the belief that everything needs to be pleasant for it to be valuable. Most of our biggest triumphs come after long stretches of drudgery. How many laps in that pool did Michael Phelps have to repeat until he won all those gold medals? Probably more than he cares to mention. But he made history, and that is why we are talking about him and not Sarah from accounting.


Don’t quiet quit

Quiet quitting became a real trend. For some it was just a name for something they have been doing for ages, for others it became a defense mechanism against burnout.

No matter which group you are in, quiet quitting is not a long-term solution. Can it help you rest after a hellish work deadline? Sure. Is it a way you want to live your life? Doubtful. If you feel like you just want to go to work, pretend to be engaged, and then leave, please know that it can take a toll on you. Quiet quitting puts you into the mindset of just getting by until you get fired and this can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You want to thrive, not coast until the water gets so high you have no choice but to swim. Without staying in shape you could drown.


Find your “why”

Work should not be your purpose but you will be far more successful if you find purpose in your work. Numerous studies show that if you enjoy your work you will be far more likely to excel in it. Finding something you are passionate about can put you in the mindset of creation and personal growth, and once you feel the pull from within you will not need motivational posters or TED Talk speeches, keep at it and one day you just might be on that stage.

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