Easy recognition

Make it as easy as possible

RoMo will send scheduled reminders that will nudge people to think about the week they had and recognized the culture values role modeling of their teammates. It can literally take them a couple of seconds to recognize someone.  

RoMo also allows proactive voting, meaning the team members can vote at any time by entering a simple /romo command anywhere in Slack. This adds a whole 1.3 seconds to their effort in recognizing the most valuable colleagues, who will immediately get notified about this recognition.

Superpower unlocked

Giving positive feedback and recognition is super important yet often disregarded as one of the most powerful tools in shaping company culture. As leaders, we need to create an environment where this is not always put on the back burner. Also we need to be aware that to a lot of people giving praise, speaking openly and celebrating each other’s small wins doesn’t come naturally.

RoMo’s goal is to lower this barrier and the effort needed as much as possible. We came up with this approach after rigorous testing and made it extremely easy on the users. We’ve built in automated reminders to create a routine and normalize recognizing effort and impact. It takes as little as a couple of seconds to appreciate a colleague.

For those that are more inclined to this kind of activity, RoMo also provides proactive voting option, for example by entering /romo command anywhere in Slack the same voting dialogue will pop up.

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