Identify emerging Role Models

Who is getting the praise?

Already after a few weeks the leadership and culture teams will start understanding who are the unsung heroes in the organization.

Everything is visually represented so it’s easy for you to understand how individuals are progressing and who among them could be the next Role Models in your organization.

Results or learnings

As the person, or a team, responsible for culture change in your company, you are already doing a lot of live (or online) activities. Your mission is to get the company culture values to become a part of every day life and everyday language in your company. RoMo gives you an advantage in achieving that in a faster and more sustainable way. It will create a routine at scale, something vey difficult to achieve without a support system like this.

What it also does is provide you with lots of data points, so that you can track how are you doing on the path to the culture you want to see in the company. With constant influx of feedback, you can measure engagement levels and already after a few weeks the role models of each culture value will start to emerge. 

We are providing you with leaderboards for each culture value you’ve defined, and also something called trendboards – where you can see who has been improving compared to the previous period, and praise that as well. So basically we have metrics for both fixed and growth mindset, depending what kind of culture you want to grow. If you are nourishing a results-driven competitive culture (maybe you are running a sales organization), you will be inclined to use leaderboards. And if you are trying to get your company to be more of a learning organization, you may opt to use more the trendboards. 

All details will be available to the culture team, and all employees will be able to see the leaderboards and trendboards for only top 3 colleagues in each culture value. They will also see how many votes have they personally received in the same period, but won’t know their position. We want everyone to strive to get better by following the best practices of role models, we don’t want anyone to feel down. 

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