Get deep insights

Get an MRI of your organization like never before.

You'll be able to see what is landing with everyone and what is not, and uncover the the underlying relationship and structures that you were not aware of. Get a thorough overview and understand which company values are getting embraced, and which ones are getting less attention

Slice and dice

Use tags and make custom groups to easily make useful comparisons across different departments, teams, functions, seniority levels, geographical locations… When enough votes are submitted, a social interaction graph of your company will reveal valuable insights on the inner workings of your company culture values.

In most companies the culture change efforts are measured either based on gut feeling of a handful of people in management, or through a couple of KPIs in an annual employee engagement survey. This leaves the culture team mostly in the dark, with a lot of activities and a very poor feedback loop. All this is a thousand times more difficult if you are operating in a hybrid or fully remote mode. RoMo increases data points and then provides deep insights so that the culture transformation can move in a good direction, and faster. It works for both work from office or work from home modes, and anything in-between.

Persistent data collection will enable you to track the results of your real life activities and the effect of certain events. You will be able to monitor the development of each culture value through time and influence the split between culture value importance in different periods of time.

You can slice and dice the data any way you want. By using tags you can group people and analyze any group you want and check their micro-cultures and make decisions on how to influence them.

RoMo’s interaction graph feature will enable you to literally see a map of your company’s employees and the relationships between them – who is voting for whom, on which culture value, and dig into the why. You can zoom in on any team/tag or zoom out to the whole company level. It’s like an x-ray of your company culture!

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