Gamify the change

Level up your culture transformation efforts

Use the data and the stories it can tell to take a moment with the team each month, give clear recognition to the role models or praise the overall progress

Gamify the culture transformation across different teams and drive a healthy culture based on mutual respect and recognition. And at the same time provide insights to team managers on emerging leaders.

Friendly competition

Combination of leaderboards, trendboards, culture values splits charts and RoMo’s tagging system makes a powerful tool for the Culture team.

First of all, you can use leaderboards and trendboards to give public praise to role models, and also use these insights to scale their best practices and their ways of working across teams or functions. RoMo makes it transparent and data driven, and it doesn’t have to be based on opinions of e.g. middle management or HR only anymore. 

When you apply the RoMo tagging system you can see culture values splits in different teams, functions, or other groups of employees, and use that as a motivator for their leaders to learn from each other and improve their team’s culture scores.

On the other hand, you can also identify a team or a tribe that is doing particularly well on one or more of the culture values and pick their brain on how do they achieve this, so you can scale the learnings across the organization.

Important thing to remember is to keep the focus on the overall company culture and bear in mind that no team in a company can win at culture. It is something that everyone needs to grow and nurture together, we are just providing you a digital tool to reveal insights on how to improve it better and faster, and how to keep it consistent.

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