Send flexible reminders

Create a routine

Your admin will pick the cadence, day and time when the nudges will be sent to people, and with that you are effectively creating a mini-retrpospective focused on company culture.

The cadence can range from once per week to once per day, and you can also choose the time of day when you would like the reminder to be delivered to RoMo users.

Gentle nudges

The reminders are served as notifications from RoMo, and there are 20+ different texts that rotate, so nobody will get bored quickly. There is button that the person needs to click for the voting dialogue to open.

Bear in mind that you can also change the frequency as you please, so that you can be more sensitive of the workload in certain periods of the year, or popular vacation months, for example.

Once someone has expressed their appreciation, the person that is receiving the praise will get a notification, giving them a little boost about the job well done on role modelling company culture.

We encourage you to keep all votes transparent, to boost the positive vibes around culture building even further. This will additionally motivate people to engage and share their opinion. On the other hand, transparency also serves as a collective self-control mechanism.

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